12 Jul 2012

American Samoa governor wants abolition of death penalty

2:08 pm on 12 July 2012

American Samoa's Governor, Togiola Tulafono, says he plans to seek a repeal of the death penalty.

The governor has also confirmed that he has asked the Attorney General's Office not to pursue the death penalty in the murder case of Siaumau Siaumau Jr.

Siaumau is accused of the shooting death of police Lieutenant Lusila Brown and the attempted murder of two other police officers in 2010.

Not long after the case was filed in court, the government filed notice of its intention to seek the imposition of the death penalty should Siaumau be convicted of first-degree murder.

Governor Togiola has told KHJ News when the AG's Office consulted him on whether to pursue the death penalty, he gave a swift no.

Togiola said an eye for an eye is not what American Samoa is about and the case should be prosecuted without asking for the death penalty.