12 Jul 2012

MV Sili to return to American Samoa service

5:05 pm on 12 July 2012

After more than a month of repairs. the American Samoa Government's vessel, MV Sili, is now set to make its first trip to the outer islands of Manu'a tomorrow morning.

The boat was taken off the slipway last week but still had to install safety equipment that had been removed when it went into drydock.

Today, the US Coast Guard cleared the vessel to resume service.

The Port Director Matagi Ray McMoore says the boat will set sail for Manu'a at 6 tomorrow morning.

Stores in Manu'a have run out of basic necessities like rice, sugar and frozen meats.

A resident of Ta'u, Ale Filoialii, says only a few cars are running because of a lack of petrol.