12 Jul 2012

Tertiary education conference says Pasifika students need better pastoral care and academic support

7:12 pm on 12 July 2012

Delegates at New Zealand's Association of Pasifika Staff in Tertiary Education conference have concluded that better pastoral care, academic support and quality teaching is needed to boost achievement by Pasifika students in New Zealand.

At its annual conference in Dunedin last week, the Association held discussions about the performance and experiences of Pasifika tertiary students across the country.

Its chair, Pale Sauni, says some of the students struggle to complete their degrees and more support is needed.

"It's even been suggested that if teachers had a much more sort of committed approach to the, if you like, the social part of the student, then that will assist in getting students through academically. And that's been challenged I think at the teacher arena."

Pale Sauni says leadership from the churches and in the homes can also help guide students into making the right subject choices.