16 Jul 2012

Fiji to introduce advanced health care with India deal

4:30 am on 16 July 2012

Preparations are underway in Fiji for advanced tertiary health care, with the imminent introduction of orthopaedic and cardio surgeries.

The Ministry of Health has signed an agreement with Sahyadri ospital in India whereby specialists from India will be in Fiji for up to six months to provide the specialist care.

The Minister, Dr Neil Sharma, says orthopaedic surgery will be offered by October, cardio surgery will be introduced early next year and kidney transplant surgery will be available from mid next year.

"We are already in the process of developing a modern intensive care facility, two additional operating theatres, we've got six already, and a high dependency and an intensive facility for the patients when they come out of theatre."

Dr Neil Sharma says the costs of sending patients for treatment overseas is about 770,000 US dollars a year but this will drop when the advanced care is offered in Fiji.