16 Jul 2012

Police in Vanuatu recapture another prison escapee

2:04 pm on 16 July 2012

Police in Vanuatu have recaptured another prison escapee.

The arrest follows last week's fatal shooting of Moses Kilton, allegedly by police, after he'd been on the run for more than a year, and the recapture of two other escapees in May.

Our correspondent Len Garae says Paul Shem was recaptured by police in the early hours of Saturday morning after they were alerted he was in a kava bar disguised as a woman.

Mr Garae says there is public speculation that Shem sustained leg injuries during his recapture and he says staff at Port Vila Central Hospital have confirmed he had surgery following his arrest.

"The hospital confirmed that he was in the surgical ward and when media personnel went into the hospital to see if they could find him, they were advised that he was in the theatre."

Len Garae says one prisoner is still on the run after a group broke out 18 months ago and police are appealing for him to surrender.