18 Jul 2012

American Samoa Shipyard Authority plans joint venture with off island company

10:43 am on 18 July 2012

The American Samoa Shipyard Services Authority is planning to go into a joint venture with an off island company once the shipyard at Satala has been fully restored to a professional standard.

The vice chairman of the Authority's Board, David Robinson told a hearing of the Senate Government Operations Committee it will be up to a new administration to decide if the government facility is privatized.

Mr Robinson says when the government retook control of the shipyard from MYD Samoa on June the 1st last year the facility looked like a junk yard.

He says the board's plan was to spend two years upgrading the shipyard and discuss plans for a joint venture with an off-island company.

"One of the things that we have talked about is the possibility of privatization and introducing a joint venture partner to come with us who might come from Singapore or Hong Kong or one of the other places where there are some very, very strong professional ship yards."

David Robinson, from the American Samoa Shipyard services Authority Board.