20 Jul 2012

TI PNG alarmed at post-election antics to form government

4:39 am on 20 July 2012

Transparency International Papua New Guinea has voiced concern about the practice of political parties buying the support of MPs amid lobbying to form a new government.

Vote counting for the general election continues in most provinces, with less than a third of the 111 seats declared so far.

With no major party likely to win a majority on its own, reports are emerging of large sums and benefits being offered to independents and smaller parties to form a coalition.

Transparency's Lawrence Stephens, has just been in Manus province where two new MPs have been declared.

"As soon as one of the candidate's election was confirmed, he was met outside by representatives of one party leader offering a jet aircraft or an aircraft of some sort to fly in, pick him up and take him to the lair of the party leader who wanted to meet with him. And there were even apparently discussions of the value associated with him being involved in that move."

Lawrence Stephens of TI PNG