19 Jul 2012

Indonesia steps up push for Tjandra deportation from PNG

3:22 pm on 19 July 2012

Indonesia has asked that fugitive Djoko Tjandra's Papua New Guinean citizenship be revoked, saying the businessman falsified immigration documents when escaping to the country.

Tjandra faces a two-year prison sentence for corruption in Indonesia and is wanted by Interpol after he fled Indonesia in 2009, hours before the Supreme Court convicted him of embezzling over 50 million US dollars.

Last month, PNG authorities grant Tjandra citizenship.

They reportedly announced that he was cleared of the graft charges.

The newspaper, The National, reports Indonesia's Deputy Attorney-General Darmono as saying that Jakarta believes Tjandra has falsified his data to hide his status as a graft convict and should therefore be deported from PNG.

Darmono says PNG's ambassador in Jakarta, Peter Ilau, told him during their meeting on Sunday that his government would evaluate Tjandra's status.