19 Jul 2012

Fiji lobby group says NZ police have pursued Mara before

3:34 pm on 19 July 2012

A group lobbying for the return of democracy to Fiji says the New Zealand police have previously tried to implicate the man who is now reportedly plotting to assasinate Fiji's military leader.

Ratu Tevita Uluilakeba Mara has denied any knowledge of the plot following a police raid on the house of an Auckland associate.

The Auckland-based Coalition for Democracy in Fiji says the New Zealand police had sought to obtain statements from Fijians verifying their torture at the hands of Ratu Tevita when he was part of the military regime.

The coalition's spokesman, Nik Naidu, says despite his alleged use of torture, Ratu Tevita is allowed to travel freely to New Zealand.

"We wanted him arrested. It's not the New Zealand police's fault in this case, not a single victim was willing to front up and put a signed statement to the police. That's how intimidating and how much fear there is amongst the Fijian community that not one person, even living in Australia or New Zealand, could sign a statement against Mr Mara."

Nik Naidu from the Coalition for Democracy in Fiji.