20 Jul 2012

Call for value of both old and new in building Pacific creative economies

7:24 am on 20 July 2012

Pacific peoples are being urged to value their cultural heritage and its evolution as they try to strengthen the creative sector of their economies.

The call accompanied the recent 11th Festival of Pacific Arts hosted by Solomon Islands, which was attended by about three thousand delegates from 22 Pacific Island countries as well as tens of thousands of Solomon Islanders.

A forum on building the creative economy heard of the appropriation and misinterpretation of Pacific creativity by Western marketers and of the need for Pacific people to value both what they have and what they are.

Cultural Development Consulting's Alasdair Foster, who took part in the forum, says that has two parts.

"Value what you have, which is very much the traditional heritage from which you come but also value in each individual their individuality, creativity which they will need to engage as a living person within a tradition, and they will also, as has been said a number of times, a tradition is always evolving slowly as it is reinterpreted and relived by each generation."

Cultural Development Consulting's Alasdair Foster.