23 Jul 2012

Marshalls to open fisheries and nautical school

1:31 pm on 23 July 2012

An effort to increase its opportunities in the fisheries sector the Marshall Islands is to open a fisheries and nautical training school this year.

The Marshall Islands Marine Resources Authority is to collaborate with the College of the Marshall Islands on a new training programme that aims to increase the numbers of Marshall Islanders working on fishing trawlers and other marine vessels.

The Authority had previously run its own school, but our correspondent, Giff Johnson, says it closed about three years ago after difficulties finding appropriately qualified staff.

But he says this new version of the school should be more sustainable.

"Now they have got this better idea which is to embed the fisheries training programme within the College which makes an awful lot of sense because the College is now opening up a number of other vocational type training programmes so it fits in with the College programme."