23 Jul 2012

No end in sight in Tahiti fuel protest

2:48 pm on 23 July 2012

There is no end in sight to the protest movement in French Polynesia aimed at getting the government to rescind the latest fuel price hike.

The group Te Tau no te Hono, which mobilised several hundred people outside the assembly at the weekend, has vowed to stay the course.

Walter Zweifel reports.

"The group, that appears to have no links to the key political parties, has threatened to tighten its blockades which last week were poorly followed and caused only minor disruption. The Te Tau no te Hono leader, Francky Tehaamatai, has been seeking more talks with the government of Oscar Temaru which has shown no signs of giving in to the demands. He has also called for the finance minister to be dismissed for incompetence, accusing him of spending vast sums on organisations that are not needed. The French authorities which are responisble for security have signalled they won't tolerate blockades while accepting that the grievances are legitimate."