24 Jul 2012

More disability funding needed in Solomon Islands

1:29 pm on 24 July 2012

The head of a Solomon Islands disability organisation says it is struggling to provide sufficient assistance to the thousands of people living with disability.

The government has been acccused of not taking the issue of disability seriously but Community Based Rehabilitation's acting national co-ordinator says at least there is a budget for it.

However Elsie Taloafiri also says the most recent nationwide survey in 2005 found 14,000 people living with disability in Solomon Islands and her organisation, which comes under the health ministry, needs more government funding.

"Because currently we are only providing services in terms of health. But for their welfare, livelihood and all these areas we still need the government to support us. Because that's the most important area within disability, especially if you want to do empowerment for people with disability."

Elsie Taloafiri says the government still needs to ratify the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities but there is no point pushing for that until the necessary policy groundwork has been done.