25 Jul 2012

Tonga PM defends government in face of no confidence motion

12:46 pm on 25 July 2012

The Prime Minister of Tonga, Lord Tu'ivakano, has resumed his defence of the government as it faces a possible vote of no confidence.

The opposition brought a motion for a vote more than a month ago, claiming the government had failed the people and that it was corrupt and unstable.

On Monday, he began reading a long letter to the Legislative Assembly defending his government and outlining its achievements.

Our correspondent Katalina Tohi says he has continued in the same vein today.

"He is outlining all the achievements made by his government since the came to power, in the first 18 months. It is a combination of all the reports from different departments of government and different statutory boards and public enterprises."

Katalina Tohi says any debate on the motion is not expected before tomorrow.