26 Jul 2012

CNMI govt back to 72 hours a fortnight

10:21 am on 26 July 2012

Government workers in the Northern Marianas will resume working 72 hours in a fortnight, up from the current 64 hours.

The 72 hours will resume during the pay period beginning July the 29th until September 30th, before being restored to the full 80 hours starting October the first.

The acting governor Eloy Inos, who oversees government finances, says the remaining eight-hour austerity will be observed during what he called payday Fridays.

This means hundreds of government employees affected by the 16-hour cuts for some two years now will start seeing 72 hours in their paycheck in August.

Mr Inos says the 16-hour austerity biweekly has helped the government cope with declining revenues.