26 Jul 2012

ADB outlines merits of state enterprise reform for Pacific countries

7:27 pm on 26 July 2012

The Asian Development Bank says Samoa's revitalised former public broadcaster is a good example of the benefits to Pacific states in reforming their state owned enterprises.

The Bank says such reform is critical if Pacific countries are to build vibrant private sectors but says there are already success stories.

The ADB in a recent study said the best performing SOEs have a solid commercial orientation, operate independently of political interference, and are held accountable for results.

A state owned enterprises advisor to the Bank, Laure Darcy, says this has been achieved following the privatisation of the Samoa Broadcasting Corporation two years ago.

"Right before it was privatised it was on a slow decline then actually generated a loss the year before the privatisation. Now management has taken it over it is now turning a profit. It has invested in increased assets. There's more broadcasting programmes so here is an example of management being able to take over an SOE and demonstrate that with the right incentives you get more productivity out of the same group of people."