27 Jul 2012

Sport: American Samoa still counting down to Olympic start

10:25 am on 27 July 2012

American Samoa's athletes still have some time to soak in the atmosphere in London with their first competitor, swimmer Megan Fonteno, not in action until the middle of next week.

The territory's Chef de Mission, Kent Yamada, says after settling in London and continuing their training their five athletes are looking forward to getting startyed.

"They're very excited to come to the village and be able to go to the training venues to see what it's like. Particularly the swimmers - there's been some very positive feedback in what they're seeing. The aquatics centre is quite spectacular and the venue is quite a good venue so at the moment what they're focusing on is to get as much practice in as we can, to complete the training that we have and they're looking forward to being able to just go out there and do their best."

Fellow swimmer Ching Maou Wei will carry the flag for American Samoa at the opening ceremony.