30 Jul 2012

Film producers hope to screen Mister Pip in Bougainville

10:36 am on 30 July 2012

A producer of the film Mister Pip says they will try to find a way to get it screened in Bougainville.

Mister Pip, based on the novel by Lloyd Jones, is set in 1991, during the decade-long civil war in the autonomous Papua New Guinea province.

The film has been selected to premiere in the prized Special Presentation section of the Toronto International Film Festival.

The producer Robin Scholes says screening it in Bougainville is a trickier issue.

"There aren't cinemas in Bougainville, there isn't electricity in most places. So, we will have to find a way to show the film on a screen, and we're hoping to do that before the end of this year."