30 Jul 2012

Defeated governor of PNG's Western Provinces calls for recount

7:04 pm on 30 July 2012

The caretaker governor of Papua New Guinea's Western Province is to seek a recount after losing his seat to Ati Wobiro in the election.

Dr Bob Danaya has written a petition to the Electoral Commission saying Mr Wobiro's success has raised eyebrows throughout the province.

Dr Danaya says under the election rules, the winning candidate needed to get 35 thousand votes in Western Province but he says he understands Mr Wobiro has garnered just 20 thousand.

"That's the inside information I received from the security forces and the polling officials and the scrutineers that were in the tally room. So that's the reason why I'm challenging it. In fact the declaration was premature."

Dr Bob Danaya says he believes there is corruption within the counting system and he is adamant he is the rightful winner of the Western Province regional seat.