2 Aug 2012

Nauru minister confirms phosphate export boom

3:07 pm on 2 August 2012

The minister of the company responsible for phosphate exports in Nauru says there is scope to expand the industry and achieve higher results than this year's record exports.

Over half a million tonnes of phosphate was exported for the year ending July 2012, with a budgeted revenue of about 59 million US dollars.

The Minister of RONphos, Dominic Tabuna, says land owners royalties, at 12 to 14 dollars per tonne, are higher than ever and there's a lot more interest in land owners leasing land for phosphate royalties.

Mr Tabuna says there are also lots of enquiries from new clients.

"We are flat out trying to satisfy our current buyers who have been through thick and thin, the amount of tonnage that is required is more than what we can produce at the moment so there is still room for us to expand maybe even further and achieve higher results."

The Minister of RONphos, Dominic Tabuna.