3 Aug 2012

Tonga Democrats insist on reply after government no confidence rebuttal

1:27 pm on 3 August 2012

The leader of Tonga's opposition Democratic Party, Akilisi Pohiva, says it remains committed to holding a vote of no confidence in the government despite further delays.

Parliament was adjourned on Thursday until August the 20th, mainly to allow several Cabinet Ministers to travel overseas.

Mr Pohiva says the government had wanted the vote to go ahead on Thursday but the Democrats say they first must be given the opportunity to respond to the defence of the government made by the prime minister.

Lord Tu'ivakano had spent five days in Parliament outlining why his government should retain power and Mr Pohiva says the Democrats must have a right of reply.

"Remember they have been presenting their case, very detailed, in the past week and we have to make a response to the public, because it will make us look stupid if we fail to respond. And that is why we want to make a presentation to the people to make sure there is a good ground, a very solid ground, for our motion."