3 Aug 2012

Zurenuoc voted in as PNG's new parliament speaker

3:02 pm on 3 August 2012

Theodore Zurenuoc has been elected as Speaker of Papua New Guinea's parliament.

PNG's ninth parliament convened today, although three of the 111 MPs have yet to be declared as vote counting for the general election in three regional seats has been extended into next week.

Mr Zurenuoc received votes from 88 MPs while the only other candidate, Francis Marus of the PNG Party, received 17.

Mr Zurenuoc is from the People's Progress Party of Sir Julius Chan who has pledged his party's support for a coalition government led by Peter O'Neill.

Mr O'Neill is the leader of the People's National Congress, which won the most seats in the election, and he has been invited by the Governor-General to form the next government.

Meanwhile, parliament is expected to hold a vote for Prime Minister this afternoon once Mr Zurenuouc returns from being sworn in as speaker at government house.