10 Aug 2012

Village in Samoa blocks installation of power meters

7:48 am on 10 August 2012

The mayor, or Pulenuu, of Magiagi village in Samoa, Tuiono To'afa, has supported his village's decision to stop the Electric Power Corporation installing cash power meters.

The EPC has yet to kick off the installation but the village matais have decided to start blocking the roads to each household after the Prime Minister informed the village council that the installation would start this week.

The mayor says the village is unanimous in accepting the government's decision to disconnect electricity supply to families owing money of electricity bills to the corporation.

But Tuiono says the village has threatened the government of water supply from the hydropower plant reservoir located further inland may be disrupted.

The pulenuu did not give the details of any action by the village to the water supply.

Magiagi families have owed unpaid electricity bills to the EPC of around ten million US dollars in the past fourteen years.