10 Aug 2012

Fiji NGOs say immunity for the people to decide

7:04 pm on 10 August 2012

Fiji non government groups says the question of immunity for those involved in the 2006 coup and its aftermath must be left for the people to decide.

A number of leading NGOs have spoken out about the constraints placed on the country's constitution making process, including the interim regime's demand for immunity, its issuing of non-negotiable principles, and continuing pressure on the media.

On immunity a spokesperson for one of the groups, the Fiji Women's Crisis Centre's Shamima Ali, says the people of Fiji are forgiving people, but would want an acknowledgement from the perpetrators that their rights had been violated.

"I think if that was done it would an easier environment to forgive. But if people don't, because a lot of people have been hurt. There has been a lot of pain that has not been acknowledged or dealt with in a realistic way. But what I am hearing is people also want justice - they want the reconciliation, forgiveness where it is due, but also the justice, for them."