13 Aug 2012

Youth party says there is important role for military in future Fiji

2:00 pm on 13 August 2012

A political party aiming to represent Fiji's young people in the 2014 election says Fiji's military has an important role to play in the future development of the country.

The leader of the National Youth Party, Nayagodamu Korovou, last week suggested to the Constitution Commission the commander of Fiji's military should also be the country's Vice-President.

He says ultimate power should be with the people through an elected Prime Minister and parliament, but the military should still have a say.

"We want them to be involved in everything (to do with) the development of this country. They play a very important role in the security of this nation, since we want to move into getting people to be (as) one. That is a very hard thing to do so we need security to be there."

Nayagodamu Korovou says the main aim of his party is for a multi-racial Fiji and it will focus on improving education, reducing unemployment and the cost of living.