15 Aug 2012

Senators in American Samoa briefed on Economic Strategy plan

10:39 am on 15 August 2012

Senators in American Samoa have been briefed on the first major revision of the territory's Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy in more than a decade.

A Businessman Lewis Wolman and economist Malcolm McPhee, who have been awarded a contract to update the Development Strategy, explained the project during a meeting last week.

When asked about manufacturing options, he told senators there are few manufacturing options that would be commercially viable in American Samoa but says a viable option may be to produce something that must be manufactured on US soil.

"I don't know if I would say the only but the best hope for another type of manufacturing facility would be to identify a manufacturing activity that must be performed on US soil, for example, fulfilling a contract to the US military for berets."

Lewis Wolman says the Development Strategy provides a blueprint for economic development and is a tool that can be used to attract funding from the US Economic development Administration.