15 Aug 2012

Aid delayed for Solomons earthquake victims

2:58 pm on 15 August 2012

The delivery of emergency supplies to those affected by last month's earthquake on Solomon Islands Weathercoast of Guadalcanal has been delayed.

About 9,000 people have been affected and homes, crops and water supplies have been damaged.

The Provincial Disaster Coordinator, Herrick Savusi, says so far just ten shelter kits have been supplied.

He says low rice supplies have delayed help.

"We are hoping to send those foods by today but it depends on the feedback that we will get back from the supplier, the rice supplier here, SunRice company. They promised to check back on their stock and come back to us yesterday but they actually ran out of stock. Their stock should be replenished next week, but this is the situation - the quantity that we would require that will affect supply for their other agents. We are hoping that they will come up with some result today."

Harrick Savusi says at the earliest, the Weathercoast can expect the supplies to arrive tomorrow.