15 Aug 2012

More transparency vital for PNG politics, says academic

6:25 pm on 15 August 2012

An international law and constitutional specialist says full transparency is needed in the processes by which Papua New Guinea politicians stand for parliament and form government.

Andrew Ladley from Victoria University's School of Government says PNG's election and the lobbying among MPs, which follows it, have become very expensive.

Dr Ladley says after provisions were taken out of the Organic Law on the Integrity of Political Parties and Candidates, PNG may need to adopt some other mechanism to stabilise the political system.

He says the most obvious public policy response is to require transparency:

"At the very least in the market place - if the market is to rule - you need full market information as to who is doing what. And if you get that, then maybe it will slow down the kind of race to a difficult place for Papua New Guinea because there's much more money in the system now, the amount of money that people think they can get out of it is enormous."

Andrew Ladley