17 Aug 2012

Satapuala village in Samoa surrenders to police

7:47 am on 17 August 2012

The village of Satapuala in Samoa has resolved its dispute with authorities, and construction of a US funded district hospital will go ahead.

The village will no longer interfere with construction, after a successful police operation yesterday in which over one hundred police officers took part including an armed squad.

No one from the village was arrested during the operation but a late meeting between the matais and the police commissioner, Lilomaiava Fou Taioalo, has finally resolved with Satapuala surrendering to the authorities.

The village spokesman and orator, Vaili Mimita, says the works of measuring the ten acre block of land and leveling the land by heavy machines will continue today.

He says the police commissioner, who is a member of a government committee looking into the village's land dispute, has informed them that the government has decided to give some land for Satapuala.