1 Oct 2012

Calls in American Samoa for teacher wages to be raised

7:00 am on 1 October 2012

There is a growing push by educators and politicians in American Samoa to have the salaries of teachers raised.

During recent budget hearings the Education Department's deputy director for finance Russell Aab revealed the public education system is short of teachers despite volunteers from overseas and says decent salaries are part of the solution.

The President of the Federation for Teachers and Educators in territory, Ben Te'o says teacher salaries in American Samoa are currently lagging behind the US mainland and other US territories and says pay rises are needed.

"I would say the compensation package would need to be beefed up. This is one of the major issues in the campaigns for those folks who are running for governorship. The compensation package is a must in order for them to retain a quality teachers here in American Samoa."

Ben Te'o says retaining quality teachers is also a problem.