4 Oct 2012

Fiji women in Labasa make constitution submission

3:33 pm on 4 October 2012

A group of 50 Fijian women are lining up to give their submissions to the constitutional commission in Labasa today.

The group, mainly made up of Indo-Fijians, gathered for two days of training with the help of the Fiji Women's Rights Movement and come from a range of minorities in society.

Tara Chetty from the movement says the main issues facing the women are a lack of access to water and transport, and health care, despite Labasa having one of the best hospitals in the country.

"We're very excited that we have 50 women from these Indo-Fijian communities outside of Labasa. So I have just got a very excited text from our trainers in Labasa saying that they have absolutely flooded the Civic Centre there with the women from the workshop who are speaking to the commissioners as we speak now."

Tara Chetty says the women are also looking for more involvement in decision-making, and will be asking for temporary special measures to ensure Parliamentary seats reserved for women.