6 Oct 2012

Sport: Winning is everything for Cook Islands rugby league team

8:35 am on 6 October 2012

Nothing less than a win will be good enough for the Cook Islands in tomorrow's rugby league international against Lebanon in Sydney.

It's the first time in three years the Cook Islands have played a test match, after the Kiwis pulled out of a proposed game in Rarotonga last year at short notice.

The two teams last met at the 2000 World Cup in a match which ended all square but the President of Cook Islands Rugby League, Charles Carlson, says there will be no love lost come kickoff.

"Every game counts for us and of course in terms of trying to get sponsors - you know sponsors like to support winning teams, not losing teams, so if we lose against Lebanon who hasn't qualified for the (World) Cup so that's just putting pressure on us. We don't have the big sponsors so whatever we can get to make that possible we've got to be a winning squad."

Charles Carlson says the prospect of more international matches isn't great but they hope to secure at least one more test match before the World Cup kicks off.