12 Oct 2012

Assault prompts Samoa call for awareness about tourism

2:34 pm on 12 October 2012

The recent assault of two Japanese expatriates working in Samoa has prompted calls from the Samoa Hotel Association on the government to consider tourism studies to start from the primary school level.

The Association's president, Tuala Oli Ah Him, says members have decided to approach the Minister and CEO of the Ministry of Education with their concerns about locals allegedly attacking tourists.

Tuala says tourism is important for the country's economic development, so everyone, including the government, must play a major role in educating a new generation of people to help protect it.

Two young men of Sapunaoa village were sentenced on Monday to 18 month in jail each after they have admitted to assaulting and robbing the two overseas volunteers.

Tuala says this gives a bad image of the industry in Samoa.