15 Oct 2012

Solomons government accused of misspending education money

2:43 pm on 15 October 2012

The Solomon Islands Teachers Association is accusing the government of spending international aid money earmarked for education on other areas.

The comment comes as the association meets the prime minister today over school closures related to a lack of state funding.

The association's general secretary says finance ministry officials have told him there is not enough money to pay the annual grants used for stationery, student meals and other administrative needs.

Johnley Hatimoana says although other countries give the government money for education it does not always reach its target.

"I don't have exact argument over that but I think that is how they do it but they do it according to the financial regulations that they have and they can manipulate that and do that so I only hope that the supplementary budget that is passed could assist now."

Johnley Hatimoana says funds are also withheld from schools that have not provided a report on how they have spent the previous year's grant.