17 Oct 2012

Error in candidates list in Vanuatu has disturbed some campaigns- Wells

5:34 am on 17 October 2012

Vanuatu's Internal Affairs Minister George Wells says inter-agency confusion about the eligibility of election candidates has disturbed a number of election campaigns already.

This comes as the Electoral Commission says it has added a number of names, including that of the Prime Minister Sato Kilman, to the candidates list for the October 30 election after they were initially excluded due to reported outstanding debts to the state.

Mr Wells says erroneous claims of debts have emerged against candidates in the screening process due a lack of cohesion between government agencies.

He says Mr Kilman has now cleared up confusion over his eligibility with the Commission.

"The government of Vanuatu owes Mr Kilman a big sum regarding land rent leases in the Lakatoro area where Mr Kilman is the original landowner of the areas. So maybe it's just something that the government has to offset some of his debt against Mr Kilman."

Vanuatu's Internal Affairs George Wells.