17 Oct 2012

Samoa leprosy sufferer has leg amputation

5:42 pm on 17 October 2012

One person has had a leg amputated after three new cases of leprosy were discovered at a clinic in Samoa.

The Pacific Leprosy Foundation's general manager, Jill Tomlinson, says the New Zealand-based charity has been touring Samoa this week and providing clinics.

She says leprosy cases have been rising in some countries which is concerning because access to treatment is readily available.

Jill Tomlinson says that leprosy in its early stages presents as skin lesions and if treated early will cause no problems.

"Well treatment's free. It's provided by the World Health Organisation and it's available in all countries and all countries are able to order stock from it readily, and they do."

Jill Tomlinson says the resources are there to treat leprosy and it's just a matter of finding the people who are in need of it.