18 Oct 2012

American Samoa warned about NCDs

3:51 pm on 18 October 2012

An official with the Secretariat of the Pacific Community has graphically spelt out the impact of non-communicable diseases on Pacific islanders.

The head of the SPC's Healthy Pacific Lifestyle Division, Dr Viliami Puloka, gave the keynote address to a summit on NCDs in American Samoa.

He says the people of the Pacific are born healthy, but because of lifestyle choices many end up dying before their time, from diabetes, cancer or heart disease.

"We feed the pigs with all the good stuff that we are supposed to be eating. Tobacco is for smoking so everyone smokes. Alcohol has plenty of spirits - we are very spiritual people. But the truth of the matter, we are fat, we do not eat enough fruit and vegetables, we smoke like a chimney, we drink like a fish and we do not move enough."

Dr Viliami Puloka of the SPC