18 Oct 2012

Solomons gunshot incident very unusual: police commissioner

3:11 pm on 18 October 2012

The Solomon Islands commissioner of police says a gunshot incident in north east Guadalcanal last weekend is very unusual and does not indicate a proliferation of firearms in the community.

Police are still looking for a man alleged to have shot a logging company employee near Geza, supposedly in relation to a dispute with his brother over land licensed to a Malaysian firm.

John Lansley says given the country's history people will always be afraid of a resurgence of killings and guns.

But he says there have been fewer than five incidents involving guns in his six months as commissioner.

"If you look round the world firearms incidents unfortunately are commonplace in many countries and they are not commonplace in Solomon Islands and that's why we treat them very seriously to ensure that people do not feel that this is something that can return."

John Lansley says there is no police intelligence to show that there is a problem with firearms in Solomon Islands.