20 Oct 2012

FTUC deplores police action which stopped union meeting

1:16 pm on 20 October 2012

The Fiji Trades Union Congress says it deplores the actions of police officers who stopped a meeting between members of the Congress, union members of the Pacific Fishing Company (PAFCO) Limited and PAFCO management.

The FTUC's National Secretary says the meeting began Friday morning at 10:15 am and at 11:15 am police officers marched in, disrupted the meeting and said they were under orders from Suva to stop the discussions

Felix Anthony says they were then informed the meeting could only continue provided the police officers were present during the discussions, a demand that was refused.

Mr Anthony says its still faced with authorities disrupting trade union work concerning basic human rights including workers' rights despite assurances by the government that they can work freely.

The FTUC was meeting with PAFCO management to discuss issues faced by workers in the fish canning factory which were brought to light during one of their recent meetings with workers of PAFCO in September this year.

The FTUC strongly condemns this action taken by police and seeks an explanation on the legitimacy of their behavior, and demands that the names of those from Suva who had ordered such actions undertaken by the Levuka Police be revealed.