22 Oct 2012

CNMI November election will ultimately seal governor's future

6:08 am on 22 October 2012

The November 6 mid-term elections in the Northern Marianas are being seen as critical to the future of the governor Benigno Fitial.

Last week the governor survived an impeachment resolution, over corruption concerns, by 10 votes to 9.

14 votes are needed in the 20-seat legislature to successfully remove the governor, and if the minority gains more seats it could have the numbers to impeach him when the legislature reconvenes in January.

Our correspondent in CMNI Mark Rabago says everything rests on next month's elections.

"Those who were pro-impeachment are saying that basically those who voted against impeachement have set their bed and they have to lie on it and that means the population can now vote them out of office if they wish to and ultimately the November 6 elections will be a plebiscite for and against Fitial if you look at it that way."