22 Oct 2012

Company confident in security systems at Vanuatu airport

4:46 pm on 22 October 2012

The company in charge of security at Vanuatu's main airport says despite a serious breach over the weekend, their systems are very robust.

On Saturday a man boarded a flight with an artillery shell in his luggage, and it was only discovered when he arrived in Auckland and declared the item to customs staff.

Airport Vanuatu Limited's, Kevin Dick Abel, says the man's luggage would have gone through an x-ray machine and says they are investigating how it went undetected and whether it was human error.

He says it's possible other things have gone undetected but says it's unlikely.

"If there is a fault in the machine then of course then we could have been missing a lot but I mean we had a very clean record, we had audits and all the requirements we've met everything up to the standard but just missing this one creates a big fault in the system so we have to go through the system again and see what went wrong."

Kevin Dick Abel says their staff are trained by Aviation Security New Zealand, who also supply the security equipment, and audit their machines.