22 Oct 2012

The Ulu of Tokelau says self determination back to the fore in near future

4:38 pm on 22 October 2012

The Ulu of Tokelau says he expects the issue of self determination will be revived within the next few years.

In a referendum five years ago Tokelau failed to get the numbers to support a proposal for self government in free association with New Zealand.

Kelisiano Kalolo says Tokelau has since focussed on developing infrastructure and quality of life but says people must be ready for fresh discussions on self determination in the near future.

"We are thinking of reviving the idea behind the 'modern house' where we prepare capacity building for the elders, in order to get them ready for new responsibilities, and also in terms of preparing the public service management with decisions of New Zealand in that area as well."

The Ulu of Tokelau says the territory still needs support from New Zealand in political matters and capacity building.