24 Oct 2012

Samoa rain limits rationing to one part of capital

10:08 am on 24 October 2012

The Samoa Water Authority says recent rain has put a stop to rationing in all parts of the capital Apia, except the Vailima catchment.

Rationing came into force a week ago following months of public warnings to people to reduce their water use, with a senior officer at the authority saying more than 2,000 households and businesses were affected.

The managing director says he doesn't think supply to that many consumers was rationed and the past two days of rain have refilled the main reservoirs .

But Tainau Titimaea says people must always conserve water.

"Whether we have heavy rains or whatever because of the fact that then we can be pretty sure that we can sustain the long-term supply of water to the country. We should always be aware that Samoa is only a very small speck in the Pacific and we have to conserve the water."

Tainau Titimaea says water supplies are much better than this time last year.