24 Oct 2012

Watchdog applauds PNG's speaker for revealing fund abuse

1:11 pm on 24 October 2012

Transparency International in Papua New Guinea has applauded PNG's parliamentary speaker for revealing senior officers in parliament have been mismanaging large amounts of public money.

The Speaker, Theo Zurenuoc, says an audit is underway into parliament's operations and an initial report has already uncovered serious fraud over the past decade.

He has also called for the integrity of parliament to be restored.

The acting chair of TI PNG, Gail Edoni, says this sets the tone for a good term of office.

"My understanding is he's really going to push for things like proper debate in the House which has been sorely lacking probably over the last six to eight years and now with our new speaker this is really going to make a big change and I think a change for the better."

Gail Edoni says the perpetrators of the abuse of the funds must be disciplined and prosecuted accordingly.

The watchdog has called for a fraud control plan to prevent future abuses.