25 Oct 2012

Cook atoll grateful for fuel donation

12:31 pm on 25 October 2012

The deputy mayor of the isolated Cook Island atoll of Manihiki says he is thankful to the fishing vessels that donated fuel to the atoll.

Luka Kaitara says that without the fuel Manakihi would have had to go close to a week without electricity.

Mr Kaitara says when the fuel was donated on Saturday, the atoll could have generated power only for another 12 hours.

He says a blackout would have seriously affected people on the island.

"We have some patients on the island who rely on oxygen that is run through electricity. We were concerned about that, they had a bit of diesel in their own generators to run on, but not for long."

Luka Kaitara says Manikihi is still rationing power to 12 hours a day until a bulk supply of fuel arrives from Rarotonga early next week.