25 Oct 2012

PNG Opposition seeks a Commission of Inquiry into 'failed' poll

7:37 pm on 25 October 2012

Papua New Guinea's opposition leader has called for an inquiry into June's election, saying he has evidence of corruption.

Belden Namah publicly apologised for his part in last August's political impasse, saying he is ready for any reconciliation move in the Melanesian way.

Our correspondent in PNG, Oseah Philemon, says Mr Namah wants a Commission of Inquiry into how so many people were left off the electoral roll, and says the election was a failure.

"He also told parliament that he has evidence of illegal ballot papers being printed by [the] government printer, for certain political party candidates, and he wants that investigated as well. The Prime Minister Peter O'Neill said that matter should be referred to the police and should be fully investigated."

Oseah Philemon says the court is now working through 105 election petitions, but the Chief Justice has said he wants them dealt with quickly .