26 Oct 2012

Continuing reform key to increasing ease of business in Pacific

11:19 am on 26 October 2012

An annual report on business regulations around the world has identified reform as the key to making it easier to do business in the Pacific.

Doing Business 2013 is the 10th in a series of annual reports issued by the World Bank Group comparing business regulation in 185 economies.

The regional manager for the Pacific at the International Finance Corporation says there havem't been any signficant improvements or declines in the past year.

Gavin Murray says the report provides relative rankings for each country.

"So in terms of their relative position on each indicator and then overall it could be influeced by some countries that are improving faster than others. The important message is, is that it is important for every country irrespective of whether you're a vast economy or still an emerging economy to continue to reform."

Gavin Murray says Samoa is the easiest Pacific Island country in which to start a business and Papua New Guinea the most difficult.