29 Oct 2012

Palau and Marshall Islands to get improved water supply

11:49 am on 29 October 2012

Both the outer islands of the Marshall Islands and the Palau State of Peleliu will soon have access to have improved water supplies after grants made through the Pacific Environment Community Fund, or PEC.

In Peleliu a 4 million US dollar grant will allow for a solar powered desalination project to be completed.

Presently Peleliu relies on rain water and uses saline groundwater for non potable uses.

In the Marshall Islands, residents on 15 outer atoll communities that have to endure long periods with little or no rainfall, will also get an improved water supply.

Just over 3 million US dollars is being provided through the PEC for a project that will see the establishment of small portable solar powered desalination systems.

Under the project will supply nearly four litres of safe drinking water per person each day for up to 600 people residing in each of the 15 atoll communities.

Children are to be given top priority during the drought periods.