29 Oct 2012

Charity seeks help to buy mobility equipment for Fiji disability group

7:25 pm on 29 October 2012

A New Zealand based charity is collecting mobility equipment to donate to hospitals and health centres around the Pacific.

This is the latest drive from the Friends of the Pacific Trust, an organisation that has sent over 8 million US dollars worth of medical equipment and services to Fiji in the past year.

The charity's spokesman, Nik Naidu, says the Western Disability Association in Fiji sought the charity's help to get people with disabilities in their community moving again.

Mr Naidu says the charity is collecting equipment in New Zealand and hopes to send a shipping container full of equipment in December.

"In particular we'd like wheelchairs and beds, but anything that's related will be fine because in Fiji there'll always be a way to make use of something else somewhere else."

Nik Naidu says that if the project is successful in Fiji, they plan to expand out into the rest of the region.

He says Friends of the Pacific has long term plans to start upgrading hospitals, as well as donating equipment.