30 Oct 2012

Paris talks on more financial support for French Polynesia

7:00 am on 30 October 2012

The attempted revival of French Polynesia's economy will be at the centre of top-level talks in Paris today when the French overseas territories minister, Victorin Lurel, meets Tahiti leaders.

The meeting is part of a formal follow-up of a plan to reform the running of the territory's administration, whose finances are in difficulty.

The talks are expected to look at Paris releasing a further 44 million US dollars to help the French Polynesian government.

A first installment of 20 million dollars was released amid acrimony between the preceding centre-right French government and the pro-independence French Polynesian government.

The territory's economic crisis has raised the unemployment rate to an estimated 20 to 30 percent while having no provisions for any unemployment benefit.